Where we have helped


There is a fine dividing line between shouting “look at us – aren’t we great!” and genuinely putting information out there to help our future clients make a decision to contact us. So, here goes for walking the fine line!


All of our mentoring arrangements are confidential so we cannot talk about them, although we do provide quite a bit of information on the type of typical roles of those we mentor on our Mentoring page.

However, we are very proud of one recent achievement! As part of an on-going mentoring relationship we have recently helped a client prepare for their Senior Manager Certification Panel held with the PRA/FCA; the UK’s lead financial services regulators. The client was moving from a US financial services role to become the Chief Risk Officer of one of the UK’s top 5 banks. We were delighted to hear they were granted their ‘licence to operate’ and received positive feedback! We believe they are the first person to go through the new Senior Manager Certification Regime for a CRO role in a ‘top 5’ bank.  This is a good example of blending mentoring (Is this the right role?) with very focused role related coaching (Can you do it right?).

We have a wide range of mentoring relationships; some are very event specific whilst others are long term and broad in nature. Have a look at our Mentoring page for further details.


By coaching, we mean providing specific skills training to one person or to a small group.  We have done quite a bit of this! We use role players, video feedback, and develop organisational specific case studies and learning events to make the coaching feel very relevant and customised. They are also a lot of fun!

For a European Bank, we were asked to develop a Leadership Development Programme for a part of the organisation. We did this and then were asked to tender for the delivery of up to a third of the Programme. We pitched and the Bank decided to award us the contract to deliver the whole Programme! They liked our track record and the fact we use seasoned professionals who understand them and their world. During 2016 we delivered modules of Personal Influencing, Communicating with Impact, Conflict Management, Strategic Influencing and Voice Coaching. We also ran a Leadership Master Class session. Today we continue to support them by providing modular skills training and individual coaching and mentoring.

We have also provided Personal Influencing, Presentation Skills and Conflict Management coaching to other organisations including another European bank and a UK FS organisation.


We like challenges, and where we can add value by providing innovative solutions, we are particularly happy! Here is a small selection.

Barclays Local Genius

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At the back end of 2016, Barclays ran a exciting pilot in Brighton giving the university students the chance to develop tech based ideas that would benefit the local community. The public were then invited to vote on the ideas, with the top 5 being invited to pitch – Dragon’s Den style – to a panel of experts at the Barclays Eagle Lab in Brighton.

To help the students prepare for the final, Barclays asked Copper Bottom to create and run a bespoke ‘pitch training’ workshop which all the students attended. We continued to support the students with one to one support and on-site rehearsals in the lead up to the final where Copper Bottom were also asked to fill one of the Dragons chairs.

In front of a packed audience of friends and family, a great evening was had by all and the Dragons were really impressed with the quality of the pitches delivered, to the extent that, on the night, Barclays committed to supporting three of the ideas rather than just one.

‘When applying for the Barclays Local Genius competition I was worried about the pitch. However, the support Andrew and Richard from Copper Bottom provided, gave me everything I needed to develop a confident pitch. The additional Skype call rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the event helped turn my confident pitch into a winning pitch!’ - Be Le Brocq

Barclays are rolling out the Local Genius Competition to 5 towns and cities around the UK in 2017 and you can be sure that Copper Bottom will be close at hand to help even more students in the year ahead.

A Professional Institute

The Institute’s challenge was to develop a direct entry process for senior practitioners who were no longer unlikely to do the 2/3 years of study for the Institute’s formal qualification. We worked with the Institute to develop a new process for Executive Direct entrants incorporating a comprehensive application process followed by a Panel conducting a quasi-competency based interview. We built the maturity model and scoring process and then tested the whole process by running a comprehensive pilot. 

Our recommendations for each candidate, and for the process as a whole, were accepted and the Institute is now looking to launch the new process in the summer.

Strategy days and other reasons to be cheerful

Since late 2014 we have developed a good reputation for designing and facilitating strategy days and other group related problem-solving events. We have thought a lot about why this is. We prepare in detail, but so do most facilitators or session designers. As facilitators, we are not too shabby either, but so are many others. However, feed back from our clients indicate that we bring one particular ingredient that many others don’t: we bring deep and relevant experience of the client’s challenges. This is a polite way of saying we are old. Well oldish…. But, that genuine experience of corporate life at senior levels does allow us to challenge, to offer alternative perspectives, and to create viable options to solve the real challenges facing boards and executive teams.