Natalie Shah

Natalie is our principal role player, working with us on a number of our tailored leadership learning events.

 Natalie brings a rare ability of being a blank canvas. This allows us to brief her on a specific need for a client and she takes on the characteristics, behaviours and situational aspects of the role. This allows our clients to practice in ‘quasi-real’ workplace environments. The more comprehensive the brief we can give her, the more Natalie morphs into the role. This has led to some wonderful moments where clients have said they could not believe how real the experience was.

 Natalie’s sister is an accomplished actor and dancer, so we suspect Natalie has some of the acting DNA as well.  But, what makes Natalie particular effective for us is that she is commercially very savvy and has a Psychology degree. After graduating from Royal Holloway she joined the Sainsbury Graduate Scheme, becoming the manager for the store with the highest footfall in the network. She learnt from being at the sharp end how to deal with the public, staff and organisational politics. She decided she needed a new challenge and left Sainsbury for Heineken, where is currently the EA to two of the divisional Managing Directors operating out of the UK.  

 For us Natalie is just a gift. She enables us to tailor learning situations to the very specific needs of our clients. If we were to highlight one area where this comes to the fore it is on our Conflict Management course. Natalie’s performance as a female, Asian, commercially savvy CEO with attitude is a ‘tour de force’!