Neil Hitcham

Neil pic.jpg

Neil is our primary voice coach. In addition, Neil supports our mentors and participates in a number of our leadership development courses, particularly Effective Communication.

 Neil has a varied career, working both in the US and the UK. A constant theme has been working with people. Over the last 25 years voice training and coaching has been a consistent strand of Neil’s professional life. He was worked with a wide range of clients including Harvey Nichols Department Store, Alliance & Leicester, Ticket Master and American Airlines.

 Since joining the Copper Bottom team Neil has focused more on providing 1 to 1 coaching support to individuals and small groups (up to 4 at a time). In the main clients are individuals who consider themselves to be middle to senior management, but who find themselves with increasing exposure to situations where getting the communication right really matters. Such situations include the more obvious ones such as presentations, meetings, sales pitches etc. But increasingly communication by video, conference calls and digital media is becoming everyday events. In such scenarios many highly capable individuals struggle to be effective communicators; they don’t have the core voice skills to maximise the opportunity and quickly lose confidence. Unless addressed, individuals with high potential, start to falter and plateau.

 It is in such situations where Neil really adds value. Leveraging a well practiced 12 attributes diagnostic tool Neil works with an individual (or a small group) to identify what aspects of a person’s voice needs work. From this Neil develops a tailor-made approach that enables the individual to re-train the way they use their voice, in a safe environment. This allows the person to build confidence in using their extended voice ‘ tool kit’ as well as developing the toolkit itself.

 Neil will often work with Andrew or Richard on Influencing Skills and Presentation Skills courses to add to the richness of the learning experience.

 Neil is a bit of a character, current sporting a magnificent ‘full set’ of facial hair, groomed to an inch of its life! He also has a great voice that is used rather effectively in role modelling! It also allows him to do the odd bit of radio and voice over work. But most importantly for us he cares passionately about the person he is trying to help.