Copper Bottom Mentoring provides specialist mentoring services to people who want to enhance their performance in the workplace and unleash their potential as a leader. Our focus is on developing the individual’s potential around interpersonal, management and leadership skills. These include for example, personal and strategic influencing skills, communicating with impact across multi-media, decision-making, task management and time efficiency, chairmanship, people leadership, and building effective networks. We also provide career guidance and support to those struggling to achieve balance across all the facets of a demanding corporate life.

In addition, we also provide specific role related coaching services. This aspect of our support covers content specific to a role, and as such leverages our experience gained in a number of senior roles and positions.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are generally ‘C’ suite executives, board members, partners and directors within the consulting and legal professions, and senior public service officers; or those who are aiming to be in such roles in the near future. Recent and current mentorees include:

Chair of the Risk Committee of an Australian subsidiary of a global bank

Chief Risk Officer of an international bank

Chief Risk Officer of a European bank

Chief Risk Officer for an international insurance company

Chairman of a not-for-profit organisation/professional institute

Senior police officer

Head of Legal for a division of a UK bank

Partners of a professional services firm

Two directors on the partner path, in a professional services firm 

The Head of Sustainability for an international mining company.

How long is an average engagement?

People are unique. Each brings a range of skills, experience and strengths. They also bring a unique set of needs to the table. Therefore, all our mentoring and coaching solutions are tailored to the individual, and if we are not the best people to help then we work with others to bring the appropriate skills and tools to benefit the individual. Consequently, there is no ‘average’ engagement. Our shortest to date was five 60 minute contact sessions, plus planning and preparation, designed to address a specific challenge. The longest is 4 years and still running; starting with an employer-sponsored year long programme that has now become a long-term mentoring relationship.

Who provides the mentoring?

Richard Gossage leads our mentoring services. Richard has mentored since 2010 and has worked with a wide range of people, both in Australia and the UK. Although Richard undertakes much of our mentoring, we also offer other members of the Copper Bottom team and facilitate introductions to other independent mentors when they have a greater chance of really helping the individual.

Do our people have all the skills you may need?

No. Whilst we bring many skills and experiences to the table it would be arrogant of us to think we had everything all our clients may need. Therefore, we have developed, and continue to develop, a network of trusted people who we can call on to supplement our skills. For example, we have relationships with media professionals, PR professionals, voice coaches and fellow mentors who we work with to help deliver tailored solutions. They contract with us, and we manage the overall service to you.

Our fees?

Our fees are based on a ‘time and materials’ basis, tailored to the circumstances of the client. We only work with people who we genuinely believe we can add value to and help.

We therefore like to meet each potential mentoree to understand their needs, wants and motivations before we enter into any formal relationship. This allows all parties time to assess whether the personal chemistry is there to enable a trusted mentoring relationship. 

Is this something that may benefit you?

There is often a hesitation in the minds of those who have never used a mentor before. Am I wasting my money, my time, and their time? Is it a sign of weakness? Would my peers laugh at me? However, for those who have worked with good mentors there is rarely hesitation. The greatest advocates for mentoring are those who have a mentor. Rather than a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength, the recognition that two minds are better than one and that person is on your side!

Richard has written an interesting piece about the mentoring experience, which you can find in our news section by clicking HERE.

So, if you think you might benefit from having a mentor please give us a CALL. We are very happy just to listen and provide you with thoughts and guidance if appropriate.