We are not a consulting firm but the team does have a lot of consulting experience from around the world. So, it would seem a bit churlish if we didn’t offer our consulting services to clients where we genuinely feel we can add value to the mix. These services fall into 3 broad categories:

Interim Management Solutions

As you have seen from the bios on the team page the team have been ‘around the block’ – some more than others! From running an events company, running a risk function, overseeing the building of, and then running an Academy, leading a consulting practice. Whilst we don’t want to lose a team member for too long, they are available to fill short term needs.

Event and Media Management

Our media man, Andrew, has run two international event companies; one from the UK and one across Asia based in Hong Kong. He also has a great ‘black book' of contacts. Where our clients have a need to stage events, launches, or produce media, Andrew can provide advisory services to help maximise the value and manage the risk of execution failure. We also have a specific relationship with our preferred events and media supplier – Streamline Events

Team Performance

We collectively possess a track record of delivering team transformations going back to 1992 (Richard is really that old!). Today we work with boards, executive teams and functional teams in order to evaluate current practices and introduce new ways of working.

To bring this more to life since Copper Bottom has come into being we have designed and delivered two strategy days for a board. We have contributed to the design and rollout of a campaign to embed a key element of risk management across circa 10,000 employees for a European bank; from the Board downwards. This included the creation of an innovative video, a bit of a first. We have advised on culture assessment in financial institutions, and more specifically for a European bank, advised on aspects of program to change aspects of the prevailing culture.

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