A sense of community, 'mateship' and caring for the environment we all rely on to exist is something the Copper Bottom team nurture and strive to live by. But let’s state up front we are not perfect. We all drive cars that pollute, forget to turn the lights off, forget to ring a mate. However, we do try and make a difference, regardless of how small or insignificant it seems at the time.

Richard once met a guy at Darden Business School in West Virginia. The guy lived in California by the sea. His habit was to go for a walk along the beach before work and one morning he saw someone picking things up from the beach and walking into the sea. Puzzled he kept on walking and watching. As he got closer he saw that it was a woman, and what she was picking up were starfish that had been stranded by the spring tide. "What are you doing?" the guy asked with a bemused look on his face. “Saving starfish” she replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He stopped walking and looked around. He estimated he could see at least 500 to 600 starfish and that was just what he could distinguish in the morning sunlight. “Wow, but aren’t you just wasting your time. There are hundreds, the sun will kill them all so what difference are you going to make?” The woman gently picked up a starfish and walked into the sea, releasing the starfish when the water was deep enough. She returned and stood next to the guy. “Well, I made a difference to that one didn’t I?” she said.

Sometimes the scale of the problem just overwhelms us; be it poverty, caring for the aged, air pollution, plastics in the sea. The list is long! And when we are overwhelmed we say, “what’s the point, what difference will it make." Well, just as many raindrops make a vast lake, our small actions do make a difference: to our community, our mates and the environment we all share.

Our little differences

We donate 5% of our operating profit before tax to 5 causes we feel passionate about. 



The world is a sad place with no laughter and Comic Relief has made us laugh and delivered hope to thousands in the UK and Africa. Seems a good cause to us! 



We all grew up listening with Terry Wogan and when he took on Children in need he helped create something that the UK can feel pretty proud of. It changed in our view the way people looked at charities and giving. (Together with Live Aid and Comic Relief). Children are the future of any society and it strikes us that if we don’t support our less fortunate children and their helpers what kind of society are we?



The Plastic Oceans Foundation is a UK charity, part of an international group who are committed to educate and help address the man-made of problem of plastic in our oceans. The CB Team is very passionate about the conditions of our oceans, seas and river systems. It was a real eye opener to live by the sea and watch how much plastic is dumped into the sea each time rains! That plastic just doesn’t go away, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller parts and is consumed by fish, whales, birds and eventually us. This is one cause that we need to do our small part; from refusing items packaged in plastic that cannot be recycled, to making donations to help research and educate.   If you have a moment have a look at the educational firm at It is an eye opener.


The Pink Ribbon Foundation

This is very close to home for the CB Team. Helen, our Company secretary, is a survivor of breast cancer. All of the team knows someone who has been touched by breast cancer in some way. 


Sea Shepherd

Formed in 1977 Sea Shepherd has been fighting cause of whales, dolphins, purposes, sharks and a range of wildlife that share the oceans with us on Planet Earth. It was only when two of us lived in Australia did we really appreciate what an amazing outfit they are; from fighting the Japanese whaling fleets in the Southern Oceans to enforcing driftnet fishing ban, to reef conservation To see their ships in Melbourne, one of their international bases, is pretty inspirational. If there was a ‘not for profit organisation’ that has made a difference then it is Sea Shepherd.

Which brings us full circle, to the lady on the beach with the starfish. Making a difference, one small step at a time.