Coaching is not the same as mentoring in our minds. Coaching is performance focused, it is about providing new skills, new ways of working and helping individuals and teams adapt their behaviours to enhance performance.

People do not change easily so our coaching approach is designed to understand and then change ways of working; our habits. We do this using an approach called ‘dynamic coaching’. This embraces high levels of participation, leveraging scenario based exercises where performances are broken down into small elements and analysed using video and observer feedback, new techniques applied and then repeated and repeated until we start to create new habits.

We do not provide open course training; that is not really what we are about. Our coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of individuals and teams. But we have developed a core leadership development program that comprises the modules below. Click on any one and it will take you to a comprehensive summary of that module. For us, this is the starting point in designing and delivering awesome, commercially focused coaching sessions that accelerate learning….and are a lot of fun!

Fundamental to our thinking is the principle of low coach to participant ratios. The maximum ratio we feel comfortable with is 1:4 and for some of our coaching sessions we use a mix of 1:1 or 1:3. We also use role players to help bring the ‘dynamic coaching’ sessions truly alive. 

Go have a wander and explore the material. If your interest is tweaked give us a call. And if you want to hear from those who have embraced the ‘Copper Bottom’ experience we will happily give you a couple of references so you can have a chinwag.