At Copper Bottom we are committed to helping unleash the potential in you, and your team.

Copper Bottom was created in 2015 with a very clear vision. To build a conduit that enables seasoned practicioners to share their collective wisdom, experiences and skills and help others who are journeying on similar paths.

All of the Copper Bottom team have operated at the 'pointy' end of organisations, where leadership and management skills are forged in the real world.   

Our purpose is to help others do better through sharing skills, experience and learning. 



A highly tailored, personal service, working with individuals who recognise they can develop and perform better by having a dedicated mentor on their side.

Our mentoring services have the potential to cover a wide spectrum of topics and issues: from career planning and transformational leadership through to personal effectiveness and just having an independent, objective sounding board. 


We differentiate coaching from mentoring. For us coaching focuses on skills development and we do this in a very distinctive way. We adopt an approach that we call ‘dynamic coaching’. It is very hands on and participative and leverages one to one coaching, video feedback, role played scenarios and the use of tried and tested models. We work with individuals and small groups and normally with a coach:participant ratio of 1:4 or less.


Having a team bursting with experience allows us to provide a range of consulting services. These include interim management solutions as well as specific advisory assignments.